Leaked Memos Suggest U.S. Would Torpedo Peace Plan if Colombia Challenges Big Pharma Monopoly

colombia_big_pharmaBy Justin Gardner

In a display of just how far the U.S. government is willing to go in protecting Big Pharma, it was revealed that a Senate staffer hinted that peace deals in Colombia could be threatened if the country challenges a patent on an expensive cancer drug.

The controversy centers around a leukemia drug called Gleevec, made by Swiss-based Novartis. Prices have increased 10 percent or more every year, causing heavy strain on health care systems in middle-income countries such as Colombia.

Novartis, which made $4.7 billion from Gleevec last year, has enjoyed a patent monopoly on the drug for ten years. The patent ended on February 1 in the U.S., but will remain in Colombia until 2018. While a generic version of the life-saving drug already promises to bring prices down in the U.S., Colombia is held hostage by the continuing foreign-based monopoly.

Read more: http://www.activistpost.com/2016/05/leaked-memos-show-u-s-threaten-continued-violence-if-colombia-challenges-big-pharma-monopoly.html?

Shocking New Information Becomes Available On Secret Fake Cell Towers

tree towerBy Michael DePinto – The Voice of Reason

In recent years, there has been a low rumbling within the highest levels of giant telecommunication Companies like Google and Lucent talking about a technological push toward what industry insiders are calling “post human society,” referring largely to the advancements in technology within the fields of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

Whether we’re talking about weaponized cell phone towers created by telecommunication giants, or technology like Google’s humanoid robots that can hunt down humans even in dense woods, or we’re talking about one of Google’s other machines designed to hunt humans, all the various technologies were being designed with the same outcome in mind, and that is total control over their “subjects” that use them.

Watch these videos showing the fake tree G-BOSS towers that are a Ground-Based Operational Surveillance System created by Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems.

The G-BOSS is said to be used primarily for force protection, checkpoint security, route reconnaissance, patrol over watch, improvised explosive devices emplacement detection, intelligence gathering, and personnel/vehicle identification


You’re Not Going To Like What You’re About To Hear! Trouble Brewing At A Church Near You

church-By Lisa Haven

In a recent letter obtained April 2016 by the news outlet, The Intercept, they discovered that the FBI is recruiting and addressing potential committee members they are calling “Shared Responsibility Committees” (or SRC’s). The letter reveals the FBI’s intent to use the organization to gather intelligence on citizens. It includes groups from local communities including faith-based groups, doctors, health professionals, and the like. It further details that information from the committees can be shared by the FBI, and that members can be subpoenaed for documents or called to testify in cases against the people they are trying to help.

But that’s not all! The government is also making their move to obtain information on citizens by using churches, schools, and community leaders to spy on them. Yes, this has been going on for quite some time, however they have upped their antics and put the program on steroids. In a document put in out 2016 by the Department of Child Safety in Arizona called, AZ Department of Child Safety Strategic Plan, they outline how faith-based communities (churches) are to join “Care Portals” to report any findings they discover on the children under their care. In other words, it’s the job of the church to spy on you and your family and if anyone believes their “spying” job will end with your children and their safety, then they are DEAD wrong, this will morph into much, much worse. Sadly, the church, which is supposed to be a sanctuary, has now become a place of bondage.

Watch video: http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/youre-not-going-like-youre-hear-trouble-brewing-church-near-video/

Amerigeddon: Are You Ready For The Chaos That Will Ensue When The Power Grid Is Brought Down?

electrical-grid-600x338By Michael Snyder

What would America (or the rest of the world) look like with absolutely no electricity?  Could you survive in a world with no lights, no cell phones, no computers, no televisions, no ATMs, no cash registers and no refrigerators?  Such a world is not as far away as you might think.  A very powerful nuclear blast directly over the center of the continental United States could potentially fry electronic equipment from coast to coast, and it would take months or even years to fully restore power.  During that time, the entire country would be plunged into chaos and experts tell us that tens of millions of Americans would die.  But even if we are never attacked by a nuclear weapon in that manner, scientists assure us that it is inevitable that a massive electromagnetic blast from the sun will produce a similar result someday anyway.  In fact, back in 1859 a giant solar storm that came to be known as “the Carrington Event” fried telegraph machines all across North America and Europe.  If a similar event happened today, life as we know it would be brought to an abrupt halt, and chaos would ensue from coast to coast.

Read more: http://www.thesleuthjournal.com/amerigeddon-ready-chaos-will-ensue-power-grid-brought/

Ten years later, Al Gore’s ‘Inconvenient Truth’ propaganda film turns out to be total bunk… How is his profit from carbon taxes not criminal FRAUD?


Ten years after the release of Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth, none of the film’s dire climate change predictions have come to pass. However, in the decade since the documentary was produced, its creator has raked in millions of dollars from the entire “global warming” scam, and is now poised to become “our first carbon billionaire.”

In the 2006 film, Gore made a number of wild claims regarding what we could expect to see happening over the next few years due to global warming, but virtually all of his alarmist prognostications have turned out to be false.

Arctic didn’t melt, polar bears are thriving

For instance, the film predicted that that the Arctic could become ice-free within the next decades, and that polar bears would begin drowning. Both claims were untrue.

As reported by Investor’s Business Daily:
“In the mid- to late-2000s, Gore repeatedly predicted that an ice-free Arctic Ocean was coming soon. But as usual, his fortune-telling was wrong. By 2014, Arctic ice had grown thicker and covered a greater area than it did when he made his prediction.”

And the polar bears?

The Daily Caller reports:
“A new study by Canadian scientists once again debunks the notion polar bears are currently being harmed by global warming. Researchers with Canada’s Lakehead University found ‘no evidence’ polar bears are currently threatened by warming.”

Kilimanjaro’s snow hasn’t disappeared

Another prediction made in the film was that Mt. Kilimanjaro would be snow-free “within the decade.” But in fact:

“In 2014, ecologists actually monitoring Kilimanjaro’s snowpack found it was not even close to being gone. It may have shrunk a little, but ecologists were confident it would be around for the foreseeable future.”

Extreme weather has failed to materialize

In Inconvenient Truth, Gore also forecasted that storms would begin occurring more often and at higher intensities.

Wrong again, Al:

“Gore’s claim is more hype than actual science, since storms aren’t more extreme since 2006. In fact, not even findings from the United Nations’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) support Gore’s claim.

“The IPCC found in 2013 there ‘is limited evidence of changes in extremes associated with other climate variables since the mid-20th century.’ The IPCC also found ‘no significant observed trends in global tropical cyclone frequency over the past century’ and ‘[n]o robust trends in annual numbers of tropical storms, hurricanes and major hurricanes counts have been identified over the past 100 years in the North Atlantic basin.’

“Gore should probably take these findings seriously since he shared the Nobel Prize in 2007 with the IPCC for its work on global warming.”

Despite false claims, Gore grows richer from climate change myth

Although Gore’s claims have been thoroughly debunked by a number of experts, he has been quietly amassing a huge fortune based on the climate change scam.

Mad World News reports:
“Gore’s wealth went from $700,000 in 2000 to an estimated net worth of $172.5 million by 2015 thanks to his environmentalist activism. Gore and the former chief of Goldman Sachs Asset Management made nearly $218 million in profits between 2008 and 2011 from a carbon trading company they co-founded. By 2008, Gore was able to put a whopping $35 million into hedge funds and other investments.”

Gore accused of massive fraud

There is a growing consensus that Al Gore has perpetrated a massive fraud against the American public, and many believe that he should be held accountable.

From Conservative Base:
“It has been reported that 30,000 scientists, including a top-tier leader of the science community as well as the founder of The Weather Channel, have come forward to sue Al Gore for fraud. Al Gore has made massive profits in the promotion of the global warming mythology, and he played a key role in getting the ‘Cap and Trade’ legislation passed. …
“Perhaps this lawsuit will finally give the thousands of ‘dissenting’ scientists a voice again.”

Ten years later, Al Gore needs to finally be exposed for the lies that have made him a very rich man.

Australia Wants to Cash In by Becoming the World’s NUCLEAR WASTE DUMPING GROUND


Australia is mulling over the construction of a gigantic nuclear waste storage facility in the southern part of the country, according to a Royal Commission report that was published this week.

South Australia is sparsely populated, and houses one of the biggest uranium deposits on the planet. Nuclear advocates feel it is the ideal site for a nuclear power plant as well as a nuclear waste dump.

A multi-national facility of this magnitude would bring the region a huge influx of cash. In fact, estimates place the potential economic benefits over the course of the next 120 years at $73.5 billion for the region, and another $188 billion for the government, which would largely come from other countries paying for their nuclear waste disposal.

In addition, the facility is expected to create 4,500 full-time jobs for its construction, and 600 full-time jobs for its operation.

The Australian government is supporting the commission’s report, and is ready to work with South Australia if they opt to go forward with the plan.

The Director General of the World Nuclear Association, Agneta Rising, said, “The existence of a multi-national waste facility based in South Australia would grant a welcome option for many countries operating nuclear facilities today. Far from it being the case that there is ‘no solution’ to nuclear waste, we are now seeing multiple viable alternatives.”

Some people believe that gathering nuclear waste together in one site makes it easier to secure, control and keep track of, minimizing the possibilities of widespread radiation exposure across multiple cities, and reducing the chances of these dangerous materials getting into the wrong hands and used in a dirty bomb.

However, others feel that the health concerns of radiation exposure are simply not worth it. Campaigner Dave Sweeney of the Australian Conservation Foundation said, “The promise of dollar signs seems to have blinded the commission to the known danger signs. High-level radioactive waste is a long-term environmental threat, not a short-term business opportunity.”

‘Not in my backyard’

Nuclear waste disposal is a tricky proposition, and has long been at the heart of opposition to nuclear power by environmental groups. Nuclear waste is currently piling up in the U.S. The government was required to come up with a long-term plan for the storage of nuclear waste produced by energy generation as well as its weapons programs, but political maneuvering has resulted in nearly all of the spent uranium fuel being stored on the sites of the reactors that used it.

Nevada’s Yucca Mountain was selected as the site for a national nuclear waste repository. Opposition from locals and President Obama has prevented the plan from getting off the ground, even as the state has collected billions of dollars from electricity customers and taxpayers for allowing the project to take place.

A Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) was put into action in Carlsbad, New Mexico, in an underground facility for storing radiation-contaminated materials from the production of nuclear weapons.

Radiation exposure linked to cancer

In early 2014, workers at WIPP were exposed to radiation after a storage barrel there exploded, causing radioactive material to spew from the mine and up to the surface. Staff members were blamed for the incident for not following procedures, leading to questions about how safely the government can store nuclear waste.

Meanwhile, high rates of cancer have been noted in the area surrounding St. Louis’s Coldwater Creek, which was contaminated by nuclear waste.

Exposure to radiation can lead to a number of cancers, especially leukemia, and it can take several years to develop after exposure has taken place.

While iodine can be used to help people prepare for nuclear disasters, most people do not want nuclear plants or nuclear waste anywhere near their neighborhood, no matter how many billions of dollars or jobs it can generate.

Why Most Vegetarians Do Not Vaccinate Their Children

vege kids

People with true convictions don’t like to be hypocrites, because they like to “practice what they preach,” so to speak. Most vegetarians are vegetarians because of one or more of these reasons: They don’t want to eat animals; they don’t want animals being abused and killed for food; and they don’t want their bodies to have to work so hard just to get protein that’s readily available in higher quality in so many other organic vegetable and nut-based sources. These vegetarians, as well as most vegans, make it common practice to buy personal care items that are also truly natural, organic and safe for the skin, knowing that the skin is the largest organ and absorbs everything, just as hair and fingernails do eventually.

Now, when it comes to medicine, many of the same vegetarian convictions apply – sometimes all of them. These health enthusiasts do not want animals being tested on (and totally abused) by rogue scientists with the goal being “for the greater good.” Health “consciousness” involves respecting the land, the animals and the water in general. It’s not about corporations being allowed to spread deadly fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides all over the place, while claiming they’re saving a starving world. These organic “foodists” want, no demand, to eat clean food; whole food; raw food. They know where to obtain the densely-packed nutrients, and they know when they are getting their money’s worth at the store, online, or in their own backyards from gardens and greenhouses they tend. There are many “green thumbs” in the vegetarian/vegan world.

These natural medicine advocates grow their own medicine by growing, indoors and out, the best herbs and superfoods on the planet. They never eat fast food. They never get the flu shot. They certainly never rush to get a shot when an infectious disease “breakout” appears on television or in the newspapers. A point in case is the CDC-staged Disneyland measles outbreak, which mainly affected vaccinated people. The whole staged Disneyland breakout extravaganza event was given nicknames for being so over-hyped, and health enthusiasts said to “send in the clowns.”

Instead of panicking, vegetarians and vegans open their home “medicine cabinet” and ramp up their daily intake of vitamin C, vitamin D, oil of oregano, turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, licorice root, chlorella and medicinal mushrooms. They juice organic raw vegetables and drink it poured over filtered ice with lemon and lime juice. You don’t fight infectious disease with more chemical-laden virus combinations, and you most certainly don’t fight cancer with chemicals either. It doesn’t make sense. Hardly a vegetarian or vegan on planet Earth would ever consider chemotherapy for cancer, and for very good reason. And few and far between are the vegans and vegetarians who get the CDC status quo schedule of vaccines, or administer those 50 different vaccines to their children, from birth to age 7.

Forbes Attacks Pro-organic group ‘Moms Across America’

our childrenForbes attacks pro-organic group ‘Moms Across America,’ for promoting GMO-labeling through independent billboard campaign

Why would a media outlet take the time to criticize healthy eating? Why would a media outlet attack positive organizations that promote organic foods and transparency in the marketplace? Why would the media outlet in question – Forbes – attack a great pro-organic organization like Moms Across America? Why did Forbes write a hit article against Moms Across America for simply putting up billboards that encourage families to eat organic fruits and vegetables for better health?It’s because media outlets like Forbes are heavily influenced by the demands of the biotech industry. For this reason, Forbes is nothing more than a propaganda rag, spewing out the same pro-chemical nonsense we hear time and time again from biotech juggernauts like Monsanto and Syngenta, among others.

It’s not a conspiracy that Forbes is a heavily-influenced propaganda outpost, promoting biotech products. It’s a blatant reality. In a recent hit piece from Forbes, the media outlet started lashing out against pro-organic Moms Across America for their billboards that read, “Our Families Get Better When They Eat Organic.”

Moms Across America (MAA) has a simple, honest message, and they are adamant about spreading that truth. So, on Earth Day, the organization put the positive message up on 191 billboards in the U.S. as part of a 30 day campaign to increase awareness of what organic, nutritious, whole foods can do to heal the body.

Editing Reality: Former Employees Admit Facebook Censors Conservative News

octapusBy Melissa Dykes

Facebook has roughly 1.65 BILLION users around the world every month.That’s a lot of people who visit and participate on the site, not just to share pictures of what they had for breakfast for their pet cat doing something cute, but also to read and share news.

As it turns out, Facebook censors “the news.”

Read more: http://www.activistpost.com/2016/05/former-facebook-employees-admit-to-news-censorship.html

Smart Technology, WiFi, Agenda 21 Energy Field Wars on Humanity

emf_painBy Paul A. Philips

Given that all things are energy what could be a better way to covertly manipulate the people than by the control of ubiquitous invisible energy fields?  As the metaphor says “control the sea and you control the fish.”

Technologically generated invisible energy fields, the “cosmic internet,” are creating more and more pollution: Receiving scant attention in mainstream media, the low frequency electromagnetic fields (EMFs) originating from sources such as broadcasting towers; mobile phone towers, smart meters and WiFi for the various applications.

All these can invariably have the effect of disrupting our body’s own bio-electromagnetic energy field and thus our health. The disruption can cause illnesses such as those related to our mental state, hormonal and nervous system … and it doesn’t stop at this, which I will explain later.

The bringing in of this technology is to do with the code-worded Agenda 21.

‘Smart’ technology is the classic double-edged sword. Whether the technology puts EMFs into the field for the use of communications in business, at home, or in the body for drug function, etc. these informational exchanges can be picked up on and diverted to a surveillance control centre from many miles away, which can then, in turn, send back information accordingly as a response.

The response can involve inserting thought patterns or even alterations in perceptions of users… so don’t be fooled into thinking the ‘smart’ systems are there merely for your own benefit.

The idea behind all this is to set up a technologically induced sub-reality global control grid: Using the right frequencies a fake reality can be foisted on us anytime either as targeted individuals or in groups – or for that matter the entire world population. Yet another system designed to take us away from the realization that we are in truth infinitely powerful spiritual humans.

This in effect ties in with artificial intelligence and the Transhuman Agenda. For instance, this explains why Google wants to put up 180 satellites for Wi-Fi (why-fry?!) EMFs worldwide. All part of the extent to which the controllers are prepared to go….

I realize that all this may be too outlandish for some people especially when it would never get a mention in mainstream media. However, consider the controlling advanced technological operations that could go on beyond the limitations of the less than 0.05% visible electromagnetic spectrum.

Consider how the remote monitoring of human brainwaves, astral, auric, bioelectric energy fields could be collected and downloaded at some control centre, and then as a response by advanced technology deliberately send out related informational fields to alter our perceptions, thoughts, feelings or emotions to create a desired reality by the manipulating controllers.

I’ve no doubt that further light will shine on this secretive and dark agenda in time.