Follow the Honey: 7 ways pesticide companies are spinning the bee crisis to protect profits

big money in neonicsPosted Apr. 28, 2014
By Michele Simon

If you like to eat, then you should care about what’s happening to bees.
Did you know that two-thirds of our food crops require pollination — the very foods that we rely on for healthy eating — such as apples, berries, and almonds, just to name a few.
That’s why the serious declines in bee populations are getting more attention, with entire campaigns devoted to saving bees.

A strong and growing body of evidence points to exposure to a class of neurotoxic pesticides called neonicotinoids — the fastest-growing and most widely used class of synthetic pesticides — as a key contributing factor to bee declines.
The European Union banned the three most widely used neonicotinoids, based on strong science indicating that neonics can kill bees outright and make them more vulnerable to pests, pathogens, and other stressors.

Enter the corporate spin doctors. As my new report with Friends of the Earth details, three of the leading pesticide corporations — Bayer, Syngenta, and Monsanto — are engaged in a massive public relations disinformation campaign to distract the public and policymakers from thinking that pesticides might have something to do with bee death and destruction.

Big Tobacco honed these strategies for decades, stalling action that resulted in millions of preventable deaths. As Bayer stockholders meet in Germany this week, this report shines a critical light on these destructive corporate practices.

Read the entire article and learn the 7 tactics pesticide companies are using to spin the bee crisis:

The Environmental Not-Protecting-the-Bees Agency

BeeBeeBeeBeeMay 16, 2014
By Organic Consumers Association

This is the real cause of global bee deaths and colony collapse disorder. It is not what local authorities want you to think with their disinformation program of blaming the small farmer.

For years, the EPA has done nothing to stop Bayer and Monsanto, the leading bee-killers.
Now, the EPA is considering petitions from Dow and Syngenta to expand and increase the use of two insecticides, sulfoxaflor and thiamethoxam. Both belong to the neonicotionid class of pesticides implicated in the mass die-off of bees, known as Colony Collapse Disorder.

Dow wants the EPA to allow sulfoxaflor residues on food.
Syngenta wants the EPA to allow it to use 200 times more thiamethoxam on alfalfa than is currently allowed.

Meanwhile, a new study hot off the presses from the Harvard University School of Public Health again confirms the link between low doses of two widely used neonicotinoid pesticides and the mass die-off of bees. Of course, the folks at Bayer, which sells millions of dollars worth of neonics, is spinning its own tale of how the cold winters and pests—not the company’s poisons—are really to blame.

Bigger Battle, Bigger Boycott

BoycottGMAmembershipMay 16, 2014
By Organic Consumers Association

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA)—Monsanto’s Evil Twin—is pulling out all the stops to keep you in the dark about what’s in your food.
It’s time we did the same.

The GMA plans to sue in federal court to overturn Vermont’s new GMO labeling law, H.112. And it’s pushing a bill in Congress that would not only overturn every state’s right to enact a GMO labeling law, but also legalize the practice of labeling GMO foods “natural.”

Monsanto, Dow, Dupont, Kellogg’s, General Mills, Coca-Cola. These are just a few of the 300-plus members of the GMA. Combined, they own more than 6,000 brand name products, including foods, beverages, seeds, home and garden supplies, pet food, herbicides and pesticides.

More about the boycott:

Food Fight Is About to Get Uglier

gmo lableMay 16, 2014
By Organic Consumers Association

As if it hasn’t been an uphill battle so far, trying to defeat Big Food and the Gene Giants in order to pass GMO labeling laws. It’s about to get worse.

Defying repeated threats of a lawsuit from Monsanto and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), on May 8, Peter Shumlin, Governor of Vermont, signed a historic bill requiring food manufacturers to label genetically engineered (GE) foods and to drop the practice of labeling GE foods as “natural” or “all natural.”

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The Problem with Facebook: “It’s Keeping Things From You”

January 21, 2014

As Derek Muller, the curator of science video blog Veritasium, explains very articulately in the video below, “The problem with Facebook is that it’s keeping things from you.You don’t see most of what’s posted by your friends or the pages you follow.” And that’s partly because, Muller goes on to explain, Facebook is overwhelmed by content, and busy trying to find ways to monetize its newsfeed. Following a change to an algorithm in December, the problem has only gotten worse.

If you care about how you use Facebook — either to connect with friends, or gather information — the video is well worth watching. It clearly lets you know that Facebook is controlling your social media experience, when it should be you.

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How they would stage a bioterror event

bioterrorJon Rappoport
Activist Post

There are future scenarios which, with enough exposure before they happen, can be stopped, or at least analyzed correctly when they occur.

A staged bioterror event is one of those.

The primary fact is: no matter what kind of germ you’re talking about or where it came from, releasing it intentionally does not guarantee predictable results.

For instance, people whose immune systems are at different levels of strength are going to react differently.

The perpetrators may find that less than 2% of people exposed get sick and die.

But there is another strategy that should be understood:

The use of a germ as a cover story for a chemical.

In other words, there is no germ attack. It’s called a germ attack, but that’s a lie. The perps bring in researchers, to the affected area, who go on to claim they have isolated a germ that is the cause of death and illness. It’s a sham. What really happened was the spread of a toxic chemical that can’t be detected, unless you’re looking for it.

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Gardasil Contaminant Confirmed by Independent Lab

gardasil-contaminantby Norma Erickson

In September 2011, SaneVax Inc. informed the FDA that despite all Merck’s statements claiming Gardasil contained ‘no viral DNA,’ Dr. Sin Hang Lee had discovered there were indeed fragments of HPV-11, HPV-16 and HPV-18 L1 DNA firmly attached to Merck’s proprietary aluminum adjuvant in 100% of the samples his laboratory tested.

The FDA was quick to confirm that Gardasil did indeed contain residual HPV L1 DNA fragments, but that these fragments ‘posed no health risk.’

By 2012, Dr. Lee had discovered that these HPV DNA protein fragments were not only bound to Merck’s proprietary aluminum adjuvant, but they had also adopted a non-B conformation, thereby creating a novel (new) chemical compound of unknown toxicity.

Non-B DNA conformations are known to be associated with genetic mutations connected to over 70 serious diseases in human beings including polycystic kidney disease, adrenoleukodystrophy, follicular lymphomas, and spermatogenic failure, just to name a few.

Instead of investigating any potential problems which could be caused by injections of this new chemical compound, HPV vaccine proponents and government health officials chose to try and minimize the impact Dr. Lee’s discovery might make on HPV vaccination programs around the globe. Rather than conducting legitimate studies to determine the extent of potential risks, they chose to attack the messenger.

Helen Petousis-Harris PhD, the Director of Immunisation Research and Vaccinology Immunisation Advisory Centre at The University of Auckland, provided a prime example of these tactics in a presentation she gave at a public hearing on HPV vaccine safety in February 2014.

Following are two of the ‘concerns’ regarding Dr. Lee’s research she mentioned during this presentation:

The tests used were over sensitive, increasing the risk of amplifying irrelevant (junk) DNA
No one else has replicated his findings

Both of these ‘concerns’ were put to rest via data presented by Laurent Bélec at the 9th International Congress on Autoimmunity on March 26-30, 2014 in Nice, France.

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Iran and Saudi Arabia Claim Success Joining the Global Drone Arms Race

Drone launcking missileNicholas West
Activist Post

It has been predicted that the development of drone surveillance by the U.S. would spark a global race to develop new drone capabilities, leading to a potentially dystopian future of drone wars where combat and even assassinations can be performed by fleets of insect-like microbots. The Washington Post reported in July, 2011:

More than 50 countries have purchased surveillance drones, and many have started in-country development programs for armed versions because no nation is exporting weaponized drones beyond a handful of sales between the United States and its closest allies. (Source)

The number of countries possessing surveillance drones has now risen toward 90, plus the United Nations itself has launched its own fleet. Armed drones are also proliferating rapidly with 23 countries believed to have unmanned weaponized vehicles. Two new countries are now claiming to be part of that list: Saudi Arabia and Iran.

As you will see from the various updates below, I have been chronicling the global drone arms race in its various forms for quite some time. We are now reaching the threshold where the race to acquire drones is about to transform into who has the most, who has the most lethal, and who can properly incorporate autonomous functions to build the next generation of robotic warfare and dominate the planet.

Saudi Arabia’s new claims to have bought a drone fleet from China that would rival America’s Predator drones is somewhat puzzling due to the fact that Saudi Arabia has been a close partner since at least 2011 in US-led drone strikes in Yemen operating from a CIA base within Saudi borders.

Moreover, it was reported more than a year ago that Saudi Arabia likely purchased an armed drone from South Africa, supposedly because they couldn’t acquire one from the U.S. or China. The video below is a good discussion of what might be behind the desire for Saudi Arabia to possess armed drones, as well as the political reasons for secrecy about various allegiances.

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Gluten, aspartame and canola oil – an American ‘recipe’ for health disaster

Hamburger(NaturalNews) God bless America and your right to choose between healthy living and slow death by chemical consumption, if only you knew how. Where are the warnings about canola oil choking your cells and fueling cancer? Where are the hazardous waste signs on the product labels that contain aspartame, letting consumers know that it is the feces of GM E. coli? Who really knows that more than 95% of gluten contains pesticide that sticks to your insides for weeks and even months, trapping bacteria and food toxins, and adding to health chaos, including heart attack risk? You mean you didn’t read about that or see a billboard? Did Dr. Oz cover it last month? What about The Doctors?

Now how about that diet soda and that “unbleached” wheat flour sandwich bread or bun? How about that prepared food bar salad, like chicken, tuna, egg or potato — which will be your poison today?

Mix together toxic inedible oil that contains hexane with a synthetic, artificial sweetener never meant to be consumed by humans, and then throw in some sticky wheat gluten to lock it into the digestive tract and the intestines and what have you got? A digestive processing nightmare is what you have, combined with sleeplessness, acid-driven allergies to food, constipation, lethargy, depression and mutated DNA. Where does this lead you? Straight to the hospital, over time, to either cut out the fat from your arteries to take pressure off the heart, or surgery and chemotherapy to “cut and burn” the cancer out, even though that method rarely works.

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