FDA Found Weedkiller In Nearly 100% of Honey Products

glyphosate-red-hand-herbicideAfter FDA found weedkiller in nearly 100% of honey products, it kept the information secret and refused to warn the public

By Daniel Barker
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has been doing its best to protect Monsanto and the entire GMO industry by dragging its feet and hiding information regarding glyphosate content in foods.

Glyphosate, the most widely-used herbicide on the planet and an essential component in GMO agricultural methods, has been the subject of increasing concern – particularly since the World Health Organization (WHO) classified it as a “probable human carcinogen” in 2015.

For many years, the FDA avoided testing foods for glyphosate residue at all, parroting Monsanto’s assurances that the herbicide poses no threat to human health, but under mounting public pressure it finally began conducting tests in February of this year.

Although the agency routinely tests foods for other pesticide residues, it has rather suspiciously left glyphosate off of the list until now.

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GMO Agriculture Proven To Cause Catastrophic Environmental Damage

agricultural-engineer-on-field-examining-ripe-ears-of-grain-gmo-test-cropBy Amy Goodrich

American researchers from the University of Virginia have conducted a 14-year study on genetically modified (GM) crops and pesticide use. They found that the widespread use of GM seeds has decreased the use of insecticides, but has increased the use of herbicides, as weeds become more resistant.

GM crops have been a heated topic of discussion because of the ongoing debate about the risks to human and environmental health. Monsanto claims that GM food will feed the world, while at the same time reducing pesticide use. But according to new research, overall herbicide use has risen dramatically over the recent years, causing severe environmental damage.

Radioactive Water Cover-up In Florida

pollution-water-chemical-spill-toxic-wasteBy J.D.Heyes

Most people who don’t live in Florida are not aware that the state is kind of famous (or infamous, depending on your point of view) for sinkholes; in fact, they’re fairly common.
And, as reported by Daisy Luther, you may have recently heard some scuttlebutt about a new sinkhole in the state.

But there is more to this one than meets the eye, Luther reports – much more, in fact. As in, this one is poisoning the environment at a remarkable rate, and as usual, the Environmental Protection Agency has, for weeks, been in cover-up mode. So much for upholding the “public good.”

Luther notes that while there hasn’t been much news coverage of the sinkhole, it is massive and has already leaked more than 215 million gallons of water contaminated with radioactivity into the state’s primary drinking water supply. Worse, the EPA has known about this contaminant leak since the early part of August, but it – along with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) – has kept quiet about it. This, despite the fact that officials knew Floridians and guests to the state were drinking, bathing in and cooking with radioactive water.

This Shungite Plate on Your Phone Will Absorb Harmful EMF Radiation

shungite-2By Natalie Forget

Electromagnetism is an interaction between electrically charged particles. Everything in the natural world produces an electromagnetic field, including the human body. But in this modern age, we are also exposed to unnatural EMF’s that are emitted from various man-made devices, from handheld electronics, to power lines, to microwaves.

While short term exposure to low level electromagnetic fields is not known to cause significant change in our own fields, it is well documented and intuitively understood by anyone with EMF sensitivity: we need to protect ourselves from it. The duration of exposure raises serious concern however, because many of us are constantly bathing in it by holding cell phones, living in small spaces with WiFi routers, ect.

Electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, and cell phones “emit both Radio Frequency (RF) and Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) radiation, which can be absorbed the tissues closest to where the device is used.” Further research may be needed to confirm the specifics of the connection, though many studies have been done linking EMF radiation to cancer, eye damage, insomnia,fertility issues, enzyme dysfunction, DNA mutations, etc.

An ancient mineral discovered in Shunga, Russia, it has been used since the 18th century for medical treatments and water filtration. More recently, the physical properties and molecular structure of Shungite have been found to block EMF radiation when you place it on or near the emitting device.

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Monsanto Runs It’s Own ‘Cartel’ In India, Pushes Poisonous GMOs Onto Innocent Victims

small-child-india-ethnicBy Samantha Debbie

Following months of negotiations and several offers, Germany-based Bayer finally managed to purchase Monsanto – one of the world’s largest seed giants – on Wednesday, for a whopping $66 billion. The merger is the largest all-cash deal on record, reports Reuters.

“The $128-a-share deal, up from Bayer’s previous offer of $127.50 a share, has emerged as the signature deal in a consolidation race that has roiled the agribusiness sector in recent years, due to shifting weather patterns, intense competition in grain exports and a souring global farm economy.”

Investment experts say that the deal gives the companies an edge over their competition. But what the deal really does, is strengthen the stranglehold Monsanto and Bayer have over the agriculture industry, including the further monopolization of seeds, and ultimately of the world’s food supply.

Humanity’s Food Supply Rests In Four Deadly Hands

biotechnology-gmo-food-600x400By Luis Miranda

Producers and consumers are at the mercy of 4 large multinationals that control the seed supply and to a great degree the food supply.

Large monopolies control almost everything on planet Earth, from news and information to seeds and food. As we speak, large corporations like Nestle are fighting their battle to control water resources as its CEO, Peter Brabeck explained that access to clean water is not a right people should enjoy.

If people behind these multinationals do not believe people should have access to clean water as a human right, what would they think about having access to pesticide-free, GMO-free food?

Unfortunately, control of the seed and food supplies is not the only problem that consumers face.

The same multinationals that seek to control food from seed to what you put on your dinner table, have either merged with or are in the process of merging with chemical companies, which makes everyone concerned with health issues question the safety and reliability of the food supply.

Under this scenario, it is more certain than ever that food and water crises are looming on the horizon. As powerful corporations control the world’s food supply, there has never been a better time to be self-sufficient and self-reliant than now.

Producers fear that the wave of mergers limit the options they have to manage their crops, because the agrochemical industry is mired in an intense process of consolidation that will leave virtually the entire business of seeds, herbicides and pesticides concentrated in the hands of four global giants.


Neil Young Slams Obama, Bayer, Says F**k Monsanto!

neil-youngBy Brandon Turbeville

In addition to providing a stunning performance during the 31st Farm Aid concert in Bristow, VA Neil Young stole the show at the press conference before the event began.

While Farm Aid has always been focused on saving family farmers who are in distress, decades of corporate control and monopolization of the American food supply has forced the organization to also move toward helping restart the tradition of family farming and facilitating the good food movement. Obviously, GMOs have become a major issue as a result. So when it came time for Young to speak at the press conference, the godfather of grunge didn’t hold back.

Speaking fresh on the heels of the Bayer/Monsanto merger, Young spoke about the growing concern over corporate control over the food supply and the fact that this merger is a frightening new development in the corporate war on American agriculture. He also took aim at Barack Obama who has supported, facilitated, and pushed corporate control since the day he took office.

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Drug Tests to Indoctrinate Children Into the Pharma Police State

prescription-pills-drug-test-resultsDrug tests now being administered randomly at middle schools to indoctrinate children into the pharma police state

By Daniel Barker

With each passing day, the nanny/police state encroaches a little further upon our freedom and the right to privacy – using the pretense of “protection” as an excuse to control and monitor every aspect of our daily lives.

One of the latest examples of this meddling mindset involves a New Jersey school district that has decided that random drug testing of middle school children is somehow a good idea.

The Lacey Township Board of Education voted on August 15 to begin a “voluntary” drug testing program for seventh and eighth grade students that will involve penalties for those who fail the randomly administered monthly tests.

Although the tests will be given only to those students who participate in sports or other extracurricular activities, and only with a parent’s written consent, the program is likely to be viewed as a rather dubious one by those who support the concept of civil liberty.

Science Links New Autoimmune Disease to Aluminum Adjuvants in Vaccines

syringes-flu-shot-vaccineA recent symposium on autoimmune disease that took place in France has brought to the world’s attention a new disorder linked to the aluminum-based chemical adjuvants added to many childhood vaccines. Known as Autoimmune Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants, or ASIA, the novel disease includes a wide range of neurological and immune-associated effects, including chronic fatigue, sleeping disorders, muscle wasting and even early death.

Aluminum has long been recognized as a neurotoxin with a diverse array of metabolic reactions — a 1990 study published in the journal BioFactors, for instance, revealed that even low-level aluminum exposure can cause a host of neurological disorders and related symptoms. But these effects have been largely ignored in the vaccine context, with untold millions of children being injected with this poison every single year.

First identified by an Israeli doctor back in 2011, ASIA has become so widespread that a significant portion of the 9th International Congress on Autoimmunity was devoted to the unveiling of a world registry for those afflicted by it. Most doctors are still unaware of its existence, which means many patients suffering from the effects of ASIA are often bounced around among different specialists until finally being sent to the loony bin.

Mind Control vs. Freedom

mindcontrol777By John Rappoport

Fingers pointed like a gun. A pop tart chewed into the shape of a gun. A toy gun. A screen shot of a gun.

For several years now, all over America, schools have been exercising what they call zero tolerance policy to suspend young children packing “suggestions of guns.”

Behind this practice is the idea that populations can be conditioned against owning real guns. Start early, indoctrinate the kids, and society will change.

In turn, such thinking rests on the premise that human beings are Pavlovian dogs. Programmed biological machines. If the program currently running is faulty, and fails to obey the mandate of “greatest good for the greatest number,” change the program.

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