Cancerous Herbicide EXPOSED: Glyphosate Found In Common Foods


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recently found traces of a cancerous substance, known as glyphosate, in common foods, including granola and crackers.  Why is this such a big deal?

Just consider this statement from Dr. Stephanie Seneff and Dr. Antohny Semsel – which speaks volumes about the danger of this toxin:

Glyphosate has a large number of tumorigenic [cancer-causing] effects on biological systems, including direct damage to DNA in sensitive cells, disruption of glycine homeostasis, succinate dehydrogenase inhibition, chelation of [minerals such as] manganese, modification to more carcinogenic molecules, such as N-nitrosoglyphosate and glyoxylate, disruption of fructose metabolism, etc…” (the bold is our emphasis)

And, for those a bit more ‘skeptical’ about the often underreported threat of this herbicide ingredient, just check out this article by the Guardian revealing findings that the FDA prefers kept under the radar.  These reports are a constant reminder of how environmental toxins are ‘quietly’ destroying millions of lives – without informed consent.

The research EXPOSED: Glyphosate causes hormonal imbalances and cancerous tumors

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