Poisoning New Zealand

9320695A Rush Exclusive by our investigative journalist ENVIROSCRIBE

As a third generation New Zealander, I am appalled at the creeping state control that is being impressed upon us. There are several areas of deep concern but I wish to firstly address the subject of the poisoning of our land.

The Vast McKenzie Basin in the South Island is a prime example. Willow and poplar trees are being poisoned around rivers and streams by a consortium of the Department of Conservation (DOC), Heritage New Zealand, Regional Councils, Local Iwi and large farm holdings.

When asking locals what reasoning is behind this wanton destruction of our heritage vegetation, the perceived explanation is that successive governments have, through these organizations, an agenda to rid the country of non-indigenous flora. Why?

When 70% of earths oxygen comes from marine sources and 28% from podcarp (broadleaf) trees, wouldn’t it be prudent to keep and cultivate our life giving components.

As a country we have a wonderful diversification of plant life brought to our shores over many generations from around the globe. Pioneer plantings of these species plus many others were systematically used for hillside erosion control and bank retention of waterways.

One only has to drive around our highways and byways to appreciate the magnificently diverse beauty of our trees. Tourist opinions attest to this. Just driving down the Para-Para from Raetahi to Wanganui during autumn justifies these comments.

All this poisoning has a devastating effect on the whole soil biota with invertebrates and micro organisms unable to survive in the resultant anaerobic conditions. Little surprise then, when algal formations occur, the waterways also deteriorate and native fish life is extinguished.

But wait! The authorities have a fix. Kill the algal growths with yet another toxic spray! Thank God I am not a native fish in a New Zealand stream.

In contrast, farmers in Northland are being supplied with and encouraged to plant willow saplings around streams to replace pioneer trees which have died. Full marks to the Far North District Council.

My next question is “what defoliant is being used in the McKenzie Basin and elsewhere to wipe out these trees, and why?”

Enquiries reveal that products called Armageddon and Lucifer are being used in these relate to Agent Orange made in New Zealand for the Vietnam War.

Visitors to Vietnam now report that the country is almost totally devoid of bird and insect life from this poison defoliant even after 40 years.

Is it coincidence that our Government purchased left over stock of Agent Orange from the Watkins Dow New Plymouth factory when production ceased? Google those products.

As if this procedure isn’t enough, there has been the destruction of mature English Oaks in Paihia, Hamilton East and elsewhere to the consternation of residents. Recently a 194 year old Oak succumbed to rot and finally fell in Waimate North. This gave much pleasure and shelter to 3 generations from its pioneer origins.

Adding to this disillusioned madness, they are also poisoning thousands of wilding self sown pines especially in the South Island. Whilst we know the pollen from these pines causes severe respiratory problems, there is a ready market in China for all we can supply. Unlike the Radiata Pine which we export by the shipload, Wilding Pine can be used for multiple purposes without treatment. Here is an untapped milling and export market going to waste as a noxious weed.

I am told that a third defoliant poison (code name unknown) is being sought to give a 30 year residual kill rate. Will somebody please admit to being the instigator of this poisoning policy throughout our country? Reference Vietnam.

As an adjunct to the McKenzie Country fiasco, the Regional Council are allowing the development of large scale dairy facilities when worldwide research shows that up to ten (10) times the revenue per hectare is obtainable by using aquaculture, horticulture and apiculture. The climate here is ideal for all of these.

Finally, have we let a bunch of so called ‘experts’ take us down the poison trail to fulfill their control egos? What happened to common sense?